Sweet plug from the ACE HOTEL.


An afternoon shot from Publication Studio in Portland, maker of special, constructed-one-at-a-time-by-hand books sold all over the world. They’re throwing a collaborative event on July 2 at the Brooklyn Grange Farm, a zero chemical input commercial urban farm located on a New York City rooftop. Friends of Publication Studio have been hard at work designing and constructing a very large dining table in the middle of the farm and under the open sky. Tickets are limited so save yourself a deep and insurmountable regret by buying yours as soon as possible — the first 15 tickets sold include a walking tour of disappeared NYC bookstores, and all tickets include an incredible dinner and a copy of P.S. co-founder and Guggenheim Fellow Matthew Stadler’s novel Chloe Jarren’s La Cucaracha.

The walking bookstore tour covers those with personal import to the author followed by a six-course dinner by Benjamin Walmer of Highlands Dinner Club. Toasts, reading and conversation with the author and the chef, whose work explores and exploits transdisciplinary design opportunities within architecture, food systems and social innovation.

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